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Rentals are based on availability and are subject to the sole discretion of The Independent Picture House management. We highly recommend planning 2+ months in advance of your event and having flexible dates in mind until your booking has been confirmed. Each rental will include ONE pre-event meeting with cinema management at a mutually-agreed-upon time. Additional meetings may result in extra fees to cover staffing cost. Renters who are intending to screen copyrighted material are required to obtain and are responsible for all media and public performance licenses for the film(s) they wish to screen.


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Auditorium 1: 77 Seats
Auditorium 2: 105 Seats
MicroCinema: 17 seats


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Rentals are subject to availability, and the schedule is often dependent on regularly scheduled movies and studio obligations. Rentals are not confirmed until a signed letter of agreement and a negotiated deposit has been received by The Independent Picture House. PAYMENT IN FULL (based on Rental Rates) IS DUE TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT AND IS NON-REFUNDABLE WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THE EVENT DATE.

All exhibition media must be delivered to The Independent Picture House at least (1) one week in advance of your rental.


Outside food and/or drinks are not allowed unless previously approved by The Independent Picture House management. The concession stand will be open and staffed during events on an as needed basis.


Ticketing can be handled by the renter or The Independent Picture House.

• The number of tickets sold (including any comp. tickets) cannot exceed the auditorium capacity.

• If tickets are sold by the renter, The Independent Picture House cannot sell any portion of tickets through the box office.

• If tickets are sold to the event, the terms of the rental (See Rental Rates below) default to negotiated auditorium rental vs. a 40/60 split of box office revenue. The Independent Picture House receiving 40% of the total box office collected if above the initial quoted rental rate.

• The Independent Picture House can provide in-person and online ticketing for the rental. If tickets are sold through The Independent Picture House’s box office, there will be a 15% charge on the total gross ticket sales to cover ticketing processing fees charged by our system providers. Box office reporting and proceeds will be processed within 5 business days upon completion of the event.


The Independent Picture House staff can meet ONCE with renters for a technical test; all additional meetings will require a $50 per hour fee, with a one-hour minimum fee to be charged. Any meetings require a minimum 72 hour notice.


Promotion and event marketing is wholly the responsibility of the renter. When there is a share in the ticket sales or other agreement made, promotion of your event may be included on The Independent Picture House’s website.


Auditorium rentals can be purchased in increments of 2, 3 or 4 hour blocks. Additional time over 4 hours, as well as day rates, must be negotiated with The Independent Picture House management. If you exceed your allotted rental time, a $100/half hour additional fee will be charged for each 30-minute increment. (For example, if your rental is from 7pm until 9pm and your guests don’t leave until 9:35pm you will incur an additional $200 charge on top of the original negotiated rental fee.)

Auditorium 1 (77 seats):
Monday – Thursday:  $160/hr.
Friday – Sunday:  $240/hr. (Limited Availability)
Auditorium 2 (105 seats):
Monday – Thursday:  $200/hr.
Friday – Sunday:  $275/hr. (Limited Availability)
MicroCinema (17 seats):
Monday – Thursday:  $120/hr.
Friday – Sunday:  $150/hr. (Limited Availability)

The Independent Picture House would like to encourage the use of our space to spark community conversations and education. To further our mission, we want to work with other nonprofit partners, educational institutions, filmmakers and film organizations. Please provide your information in the request link and we will contact you regarding a discounted auditorium rental.


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