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Poster for We the Living – 80th Anniversary Restoration

We the Living – 80th Anniversary Restoration

Opens on November 9


Director: Goffredo Alessandrini Run Time: 176 min. Release Year: 1942 Language: Italian

Starring: Alida Valli, Emilio Cigoli, Fosco Giachetti, Giovanni Grasso, Rossano Brazzi

We the Living is based on Ayn Rand’s first novel and was drawn from her experiences in the turbulent years following the Russian Revolution. It tells the story of Kira, a defiant young college student who meets a fugitive. The two fall in love and together embark on a fierce struggle to survive under a heartless, oppressive system. When a Soviet secret police agent also falls in love with Kira, the lives of all three intertwine and spiral toward disaster. 

An epic saga of indomitable human spirit, We the Living at its core is a blazing declaration of the right of every human being to live free.

*Featuring an in-person introduction by Restoration Producer Duncan Scott

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