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Poster for The Night of the Cat – 50th Anniversary Screening!

The Night of the Cat – 50th Anniversary Screening!

Opens on December 21


Director: Jim Cinque Run Time: 77 min. Rating: R Release Year: 1973

Starring: Betsy Carroll, George Oakley, Jenny Driggers, Kathy Allen, Morganna, Nick Dennis, Yvonne Cox

The infamous 1973 Charlotte filmed exploitation/grindhouse film, directed by Jim Cinque and produced by Charlotte Lawyer  Michael G. Plumides, returns for a one-night only screening to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary! Members of the Plumides family will be in attendance to share stories on the making of this truly bizarre and sleazy exploitation film.

When her sister is murdered by a group of goons working for a local mobster, Beth goes on the fritz, donning a wig, taking martial arts lessons, and using a cane to help take on opponents. Soon, she meets her sibling’s murderers face to face, and they’re in for it. Kathy Allen and George Oakley star in this North Carolina revenge opus.

Shot in 1972 in and around the Charlotte area this film is an exploitation film lovers dream. With bare breasts, godawful acting, hilariously lame action, and joyously unconvincing fight scenes, it’s a breath-taking wonder from beginning to end. The film probably never played outside of North Carolina, until Something Weird handed it to an unsuspecting world. We are excited to partner with Something Weird Video and the Plumides family to present a 50th Anniversary of this Charlotte exploitation “classic”.

*this film is not appropriate for anyone under 18

** this film will be projected from a DVD source

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