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Opens on March 14


Director: Jules Dassin Run Time: 118 min. Release Year: 1955 Language: French

Starring: Carl Möhner, Janine Darcey, Jean Servais, Pierre Grasset, Robert Manuel

Out of prison after a five-year stretch, jewel thief Tony turns down a quick job his friend Jo offers him, until he discovers that his old girlfriend Mado has become the lover of local gangster Pierre Grutter during Tony’s absence. Expanding a minor smash-and-grab into a full-scale jewel heist, Tony and his crew appear to get away clean, but their actions after the job is completed threaten the lives of everyone involved.

*A post-screening discussion hosted by Sam Shapiro, Part-Time Lecturer in Film Studies at UNC-Charlotte will take place after the March 19th screening only.


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