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Poster for On the Other Side

On the Other Side

Opens on May 26


Director: Dontai Keith Run Time: 120 min. Rating: PG-13 Release Year: 2023

Starring: Chase Langhorn, Jadyn Flynn, Laasya Shuler

Frankie Andrews falls for the popular girl, Imoni Lucas, and pursues her heart.  When Frankie discovers she is hiding a secret, he reveals to Imoni that he isn’t so different in hiding; leading to a relatable and heartfelt journey of self discovery and teenage confidence.

One wish can change the world around you, or maybe what’s in you.

Invest Collegiate’s students created this film to build social gathering skills along with confidence and community change in the youth. Mr. Keith’s Mission behind this film is to inspire children across the world to step into a new space of acting, without thinking they aren’t adequate enough around their peers. Yet, bold enough mentally and emotionally to help others find themselv es as well. Creating a safe space on set from outside; in.

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