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Opens on June 16


Director: José Miguel Ribeiro Run Time: 83 min. Release Year: 2023 Language: Portuguese with English Subtitles

Starring: Elisângela Rita, Feliciana Délcia Guia, Vitória Adelino Dias Soares

The past and present collide as three generations of Angolan women grapple with the aftermath of civil war. Nayola, the daughter who goes missing in search of her freedom fighter husband, Yara the granddaughter, a rebellious, subversive teenage rapper, and Lelena, the sage grandmother who tries to shield Yara from the police. Filmed with a bold color palette, “Nayola” is a mythic, thrilling story about the legacy of war uniquely told from a female perspective.

*Preceded by an animated short, and post screening roundtable discussion with local Black animators Roy Hatcher, Corey Russell, and Lena J


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