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Poster for Flipping the Script:  The Power of Our Words

Flipping the Script: The Power of Our Words

Opens on May 13


Run Time: 90 min.

“From Hollywood to DC: The Power of Storytelling to Affect Change”

Join us on May 13th for a riveting panel discussion featuring filmmakers, NC Legislature John Autry, and mental health experts. Discover how narratives have the power to shape history and ignite transformation, particularly in mental health care. Explore the profound impact of small changes that make huge impacts.  Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and empowered!

 A FREE community event (light refreshments provided)  May 13th, 6:00-7:30 PM.   

This is not just a conversation about mental health, this is a movement to redefine mental illness.  Together we will explore the vital need to reimagine mental health for everyone, especially our veterans, the LGBTQ community, our youth and the artists’ community. 
Courage truly is contagious—let’s spread it together.

Please register here:  Flipping the Script

{This program has been paid for by a private citizen/organization.  The content herein does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The Independent Picture House.}  Private Rentals
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