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Poster for Destination: Planet Negro!
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Destination: Planet Negro!

Opens on February 17


Director: Kevin Willmott Run Time: 98 min. Release Year: 2013

Starring: Danielle Cooper, Kevin Willmott, Tosin Morohunfola, Trai Byers, Wes Studi

In 1939, a group of African American intellectuals come up with an ingenious and unlikely response to Jim Crow America — leave the planet and populate Mars. Using technology created by George Washington Carver, a three-person crew (plus one rambunctious robot) lift-off in Earth’s first working spaceship on a mission that will take them to a world not unlike present-day America. Their spacey adventure illuminates some hard truths about American culture, and threatens to undermine the time-line of history along the way.

*all screenings of “Destination Planet Negro” will be FREE for all filmgoers!

* Join us on February 17th for a special post-screening discussion of the film  to discuss the film and Black sci fi, moderated by Emmne Wright, national columnist and associate editor at Cardinal and Pine, with panelists Rodney Stringfellow, UNC Charlotte Professor of screenwriting, global digital marketing manager Davida Jackson, and multi disciplinary artists Dammit, Wesley and Marcus Kiser.”

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