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Poster for CineOdyssey Next

CineOdyssey Next

Opens on June 30


Director: Various Run Time: 180 min.

A showcase of favorite past, present, and future short films of the CineOdyssey Film Festival.
Local, regional, and national filmmakers of these shorts will be in attendance for a post screening Q&A

An Afro-Surrealistic film that takes a satirical look at race and
culture in America from the vantage point of a White police officer, who
must undergo a psychological evaluation to determine his competency
before he is allowed to return to duty after an altercation with a
25-year-old Black man.
Dir: David Jones
Narrative | Short | 2023 | 19 mins | U.S.

When the COVID-19 pandemic engulfs a meatpacking plant in his rural
hometown, a young reporter returns to uncover the urgent and deadly
circumstances threatening the plant’s Latino workers – including his
Dir: Carlos Avila
Narrative | Short | 2023 | 27 mins | U.S.

A single woman’s feelings of loneliness begin to stir when an eccentric
African couple move into her building.
Dir: Abbesi Akhamie
Narrative | Short | 2020 | 11 mins | U.S.

Set in 1980’s Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, a spunky Latina must find her
own path as she comes of age to face the grim realities of the father
she once idolized, and the deteriorating neighborhood she calls home.
Dir: Elaine Del Valle
Narrative | Short | 2022 | 22 mins | U.S.

A single mother reconsiders her life in the U.S. when she vacations in
her Jamaican hometown with her young, troubled son.
Dir: Stephanie Malson   Prod/Writer: Malaika Paquiot
Narrative | Short | 2023 | 21 mins | U.S.

Director Debbie Vu’s semi-autobiographical short is a heartfelt
exploration of a Vietnamese mother and daughter’s relationship, and the
importance of culture and identity.
Dir: Debbie Vu
Narrative | Short | 2022 | 13 mins | U.S.

When a beloved barber is killed by police, his sister and best friend
take justice into their own hands, uniting their southern community to
fight police brutality and corruption.
Dir: Breana C. Venable
Narrative | Short | 2022 | 4 mins | U.S.


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