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Poster for 2 Nights at Bobby Mackey’s
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2 Nights at Bobby Mackey’s

Opens in April


Run Time: 130 min.

Bobby Mackey’s is known as the most haunted music bar in the country.  Our team “SKEPTIC” sets out to put that to the test.  On the team, we have Gary Barnidge, who is a complete nonbeliever in anything paranormal, joined by Taylor Russ and Liv Cawley.  Watching from the outside is DeAnagelo Williams, navigating them from the “Com-Tent”.  The team is hard-set to find any evidence that the paranormal exists here in Wilder, Kentucky.  Is Bobby Mackey’s Haunted?  Or is it just a place to enjoy live country music, as Mackey himself would suggest?  

-A Mislabeled Production

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