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By Travis Mullis

This Friday, June 9, the Independent Picture House is proud to present the new documentary Lynch/Oz, which takes a look at how The Wizard of Oz, the iconic Victor Fleming picture from 1939, has had an unlikely but indelible impact on David Lynch’s career. In addition to this new documentary, The Independent Picture House is excited to screen two of Lynch’s most lauded and acclaimed films: Wild at Heart and Mulholland Drive.

David Lynch has a career that now spans nearly six decades, and his filmography includes classics such as The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Lost Highway. If his achievements in film weren’t enough, Lynch turned his attentions to television and gave the world one of its most unique and daring miniseries of all time with Twin Peaks. His films are often divisive, hailed as masterpieces by some, and often derided as mystifying, pretentious nonsense by others. However one may view his films, it is hard to deny his singular and transcendent cinematic style. You know when you’re watching a David Lynch film. Though he is not a cinephile like other filmmakers of his generation, notably Martin Scorsese and Peter Bogdanovich, there is one film he has told interviewers he thinks about daily: The Wizard of Oz.

Alexandre O. Philippe, the director of Lynch/Oz, uses a series of cinematic essays to explore the relationship and influence that The Wizard of Oz has had on Lynch. Amy Nicholson, a film critic, and the legendary iconoclast John Waters are two of several contributors who discuss the maestro’s career in the documentary. When you get to the bottom of it, one can see why a film about a mysterious man behind a curtain would appeal to a film director who is doggedly obsessed by what dark secrets lurk behind the happy and beautiful exteriors of American life. 

Be sure to come out and support your favorite local independent theater as we celebrate the work of one of America’s most original filmmakers.

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Travis Mullis is a Charlotte native and freelance writer always on the lookout for a good meal and a good film.
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